Beautiful and alluring… Alaska!!! (An unforgettable vacation with friends)

We (me and hubby) and our friends had been thinking about planning a vacation together since a really really long time. After a lot of pondering, the destination was decided and finally everyone agreed upon the dates as well. So after almost 7 – 8 months of planning, consulting, numerous messaging on whtsapp and face timing, our most awaited vacation with friends was finally here. And in no time we all found ourselves packing for….ALASKA!!

The beauty of Alaska and all that it offers is very hard to describe in words. Breathtaking, gorgeous, amazing, alluring, mesmerizing are some of the adjectives that comes to mind now when I think back about the wonderful time that we spent there. You have to actually see it and experience it to believe it. I think no matter how wonderful photos you click, it still won’t do enough justice to the breathtakingly natural beauty that Alaska is.

Pssttt…..almost all the pictures (except for few) are clicked with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. So yea you do not always need a DSLR to click amazing pictures :P.

There are so many ways you can explore this beautiful state. We opted for all the possible adventurous options that we could find for exploring Alaska. I think that is the best and the only way to enjoy mother nature and get up close with her. Although our schedule was a bit tight considering we had made plans only for 8 days, it was surely an experience of a lifetime. Hence no regrets whatsoever. I think we managed to do many things and saw many places in a really short amount of time. So believe me when I say this, if you are ever planning a vacation with friends then Alaska should be definitely on your list.

This post is going to be a short photo essay. I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Day 1: We reached Anchorage around 10:30am, rented a car and drove to our first stop that was Seward. First day was pretty much a rest day. We had booked an AirBnB for the night.

AirBnB at Seward

Day 2: Kayaking at Kenai Fjords. This was one of the best and the most unforgettable kayak experience ever. The first few pictures were clicked on our way to the starting point of kayak from the water taxi.

This picture was clicked on our way to Kenai Fjords
Spotted a lot of humpback whales also. It was such a beautiful experience to watch this gentle giants swim around.
Sea lions lazing around on the rocks 😀
Beautiful views everywhere we looked
Aialik Glacier: This was our final kayaking destination watching this beautiful glacier and witnessing some major glacier calvings
Such a wonderful experience. Lunch by the glacier with our amazing friends.
Time to head back
With our kayaking guide

After an awesome kayak experience we did some sightseeing at Seward. Spotted some fresh caught halibut, salmon and other fishes at the dock and then headed to our next stop at Seward.

Next stop was Summit Lake Lodge where we spent the night. The below picture is the view near the lodge. Isn’t it awesome?

Day 3: Started off our day with a beautiful hike to Harding Ice field. The hike was moderately strenuous but totally worth it. With beautiful trees, flowers, glaciers and mountain for company, it was site to behold.

At the Exit Glacier
At the top (almost)….. totally worth it.
Breathtaking…. isn’t it?
Two of our friends decided to climb all the way up. Can you spot them?


Day 4: Was a rest day which also included a trip to REI to pick up our camping stuff and some grocery shopping (which included loads of cup noodles….hehehehe) :P.
Day 5: We reserved a one way train trip to Denali National Park through Wilderness Express. The train journey was amazing with some beautiful views. Below pictures were clicked from the train.

Once we reached Denali we took the shuttle bus to reach our camping site named “The Wonder Lake Camping Site” which was 85 miles inside the national park. On our way we spotted a lot a wild life and enjoyed some more breathtaking views.

Caribou popularly known as Reindeer


Spotted a blonde grizzly bear 🙂

Day 5 and Day 6: Camping at Lake wonder lake was one of the most fun experience for me as it was my first ever camping experience. The camp site was right in front of the mighty Denali mountain but unfortunately the clouds covered the mountain the whole time and we never even got to see a glimpse of it. 🙁

This is where we camped for 2 nights. Can you see the mountains in the background?? That is where Denali is situated. 
Noodles in the making LOL
The Wonder Lake
Just as we were packing our camping stuff to head back….we spotted this huge Moose behind us
Day 7: We headed back super early in the morning from the National Park to Denali where post lunch we went for ATV Ride and River Rafting. I would highly recommend the ATV Ride, certainly a one of a kind experience.
Hubs 😀
River Rafting
Day 8: Our last day on our way to the airport to Anchorage we had booked an Airtaxi ride and glacier landing at Talkeetna. The views from the flight was simply fabulous and absolutely mesmerizing. We also landed on Ruth’s glacier and spent 15 mins playing with the glacier snow and clicking loads of pictures. :). Do check out my Instagram account where I have uploaded a video of the flight as well.
Glacier River
Majestic glaciers everywhere

Our ride 😀


Ruth’s Glacier

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know you opinions and comments, I would love to hear from you all.


Marvelous Peru…Our first trip to South America – Part 1 (Huaraz and Cusco)

Last post of 2015 and highlight of our year, trip to Peru. Can you believe this year is over…..already??? Hoping next year would be filled with wonderful surprises…here’s to 2016 🙂

I wanted to post all about our Peru trip as soon as possible but at the same time didn’t want to rush into it. I simply wanted to write a post that was short, precise and up to the point but at the same time highlighting our experience and challenges that we faced in a whole new country. Being our very first trip to south america we were nervous and excited all at the same time. We did a lot of research, read a lot of travel blogs and started making notes about all the important stuff. So please bear with me as it is going to be a long post since there are certain things that I just cannot leave out. Alas not a short post that I was hoping for :P.

This post will be divided in two parts, this post (Part 1) will be all about Huaraz and Cusco while the second part will be exclusively dedicated to Machu Picchu in another post :).

Peru is a breathtaking country, blessed with beautiful mountains, natural beauty in every corner and rich with cultural heritage. But what I liked most about Peru was the warm and friendly people that we came across. Almost all the cities in Peru are tourist destinations. So it was difficult for us to narrow down to places that we really wanted to see in our short time there. If you are someone who has ample amount of time or planning a really long vacation, I would say that you could easily spend 3 weeks or up to a month and cover almost all the attractions. However we had only 10 days to spare. 
After a lot of pondering and research we decided to cover Huaraz (3 nights and 4 days), Cusco (2 nights and 3 days) and Machu Picchu (1 night and 2 days). Unfortunately we had to skip some of the must see attractions.
Now before I start writing about our experience and share all the beautiful pics, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before visiting this country. 
High altitude: Peru is situated at a very high altitude. Adjusting to higher altitudes can take some time. I would suggest to take it slow. Plan you trip such that you get accustomed to the higher altitude gradually. Cusco and Puno are the two cities with an altitude which is more than 10,000ft (3300m). Huaraz is also situated at about the same altitude. Machu Picchu is at 8040ft;2450m. There is a possibility of getting altitude sickness if you don’t get acclimatized. Hence it becomes imperative that you move gradually towards higher altitude during your trip. People usually spend few days sight seeing at Lima and then take a bus from Lima to Huaraz. Some suggest that taking a bus is a better idea since you will be slowly moving to higher altitudes which is not the case with flights.  Due to time crunch we skipped Lima and instead only stayed there for a night and flew to Huaraz next morning. Some people may get easily acclimatized to the higher altitude while some may not. It took me 2 complete days to adjust to the higher altitude while hubby was fine after one day. So you see it totally depends upon an individual.

Tips to overcome altitude sickness:
1) Moving from lower altitude to higher altitude: Like I mentioned plan your trip such that you start off at lower altitudes and gradually move towards higher altitudes [Cusco/Puno/Huaraz]. I am not sure how well this works but that is what is suggested by some.
2) Drink plenty of water: Very very important. Tried and tested. The thin and dry air at higher altitudes causes extreme dehydration. When we were in Huaraz we drank around 5 to 6 liters of water everyday. But this helped us tremendously. There were times when I felt like I was going to have a headache, drank loads of water and the headache disappeared.

3) Coca Tea: Coca tea is also highly recommended for altitude sickness. Locals swear by it. It tastes somewhat like green tea. Coca tea will be served to you almost every place you go in Peru, it is easily available and cheap.

4) Do not take altitude sickness pills: Yes you read that right. When researching you will find many websites and blogs that may suggest you to take pills. But trust me, it will only make you feel worse. We heard lot of stories and also saw people getting terribly sick after taking these pills. You really don’t need them. Give yourself a day or two maybe 3 to acclimatize, but don’t take pills it will only make you more sick. Water is what helped me. After spending 4 days at Huaraz, Cusco was so easy and Machhu Picchu was a breeze because I was already acclimatized. But that doesn’t mean you should decrease the amount of water you drink in your entire trip.

5) Eat lots of carbs: Yup you read that right. Worried that you might end up gaining few pounds? Don’t. It will be the other way round. Even merely sitting on a chair at higher altitudes makes you loose calories :P. Because you will be burning a lot of energy while trying to adjust at higher altitudes. Fuel your body with the right carbs, eat lots of food and have fun :).

Travel smart and travel light. Below I have listed some important things to carry. I have also included things that will be needed if you are planning to go on a hike.

  • Running or trekking shoes and an extra pair of shoe
  • Long sleeve and high collar shirts (higher altitude means you will be more prone to sun burns)
  • Ponchos
  • Fleece/jackets
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Hats
  • Sun glasses
  • Toilet paper/wet papers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Torch
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, toothpaste) soap and shampoo only if you are planning to stay at Llanganuco Mountain Lodge 
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Compass (if you are planning to hike)
  • Printouts of all the hotel bookings and flight bookings
  • Backpack reservoir/Hydration Pack (very important if you are planning on hiking)
  • Warm socks
  • Camera (DSLR & waterproof)
  • First aid kit

Some other helpful tips:

1) Carry change and enough cash: Carry bills and coins of smaller denominations. Apart from hotels and restaurants in the cities, you will find very few places that accept credit cards. Hence carry enough cash (soles) whenever you are out for sight seeing or shopping at local markets.

2) Be informed: Collect as much information as much as possible. For eg: Taxi fare from point A to point B. When we first arrived at Cusco airport, we ended up paying double the amount on taxi. From there on we made sure that we knew the expected amount of taxi fare. Just ask the person at the hotel reception and they will be more than happy to help you.

2) Learn some basic Spanish: Not mandatory but helpful. Although most of the hotel and restaurant staff speak English, locals rarely do. Find some time to learn the basics before you plan your vacation, it will make your trip more fun and memorable.

3) Do not flush toilet papers. Instead throw it in the dustbin.

4) Carry toilet papers and hand sanitizers: Many local restrooms/washrooms may not have toilet papers so do carry some with you when traveling.

5) Drink only bottled water: Drink water only from bottled water. It is not recommended to drink water directly from the tap unless you are planning to get sick :P. And carry bottled water at all times with you to avoid dehydration.

6) Be aware and be safe: We found Peru rather safe but when you are visiting a new country it is always better to take some precautions. Carry your passport with you at all times, do not flaunt too much cash or wear flashy jewelry or do anything that might catch unwanted attention. 

Now that I have taken care of some of the important pointers lets move on to the fun part.


Our first stop was Huaraz. This place is a hidden gem of Peru. Surrounded by mountains from all the sides, Huaraz is a dream destination for people seeking solace in the lap of nature. A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungles, pollution and the one thing that keeps us away from the outer world “Technology” or should I simply say social media :P.
We were totally off the grid for 4 days. And boyyyyy it was amazing. But make sure to inform you loved ones that you will be unable contact them when visiting this place. 

On our way to the Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Llanganuco Moutain Lodge:

One look at the photos online and we were in love with this place. We just couldn’t give this a skip. Nestled among huge mountains, you will fall in love with this place if you are a true nature lover. We zeroed down this specific lodge since we wanted a place away from Huaraz city and convenient for hiking. Location is a plus as it is near to all the hiking trails. The lodge is beautiful, rooms are neat and clean with a big cozy bed, a fire place and hot water shower in the bath. Two magnificent mountains surround this lodge. On one side, you will see Cordillera Blanca (Blanca is White in Spanish) and on the other side you will see Cordillera Negra (Negra is Black in Spanish). Our hosts Chris and Stephanie were absolutely lovely and took very good care of us (especially when I got altitude sickness) and guided us in all possible ways. Breakfast and lunch were simple but dinners were extravagant and delicious. I would highly recommend this place. Just be aware that you will be off the grid when here, if that is not your cuppa tea you should checkout other accommodations in Huaraz city.
The Llanganuco Moutain Lodge

Made some friends at the lodge 😛
Huaraz is a paradise for hikers with many hiking trails. Day 1 was pretty much a rest day and a small walk along small lake situated near the lodge. Day 2 we did the small trail of Llanganuco lake and hubby continued on his way to another hike while I came back to the lodge.

Lake Llanganuco if simply put is just breathtaking. I have never seen such a beautiful place ever (till now). The glistening turquoise blue color of the water and the never ending majestic mountains simply didn’t look like they belonged to this world. Ok well… I might be exaggerating a bit 😛 but trust me I was at complete awe. Mother nature certainly has her way of surprising us. My altitude sickness just disappeared because I was transported to another world altogether. The lake is all glacial water and hence the beautiful color. 

The gorgeous lake Llanganuco 
Simple amazing
Strange and interesting looking tree
It keeps getting better and better

Now how could we miss a boat ride with all this beauty surrounding us. 
Coca Tea 
The next day that is day 3 hubby went on for the very popular hike, Laguna 69 but unfortunately I had to stay back since I was not totally up for hiking due to the altitude sickness. And moreover it was for the best since we still had to see Cusco as well. Anyhow, long story short hubby could not complete the long hike to Laguna 69. He could have but instead he listened to his body and decided to walk back. Well you see its not for everybody but he gave his best shot. No regrets whatsoever. 

Important Note for Hikers: When at higher altitudes do not try to walk at a faster pace or even try to run. Take small steps and take it easy. We heard stories about how a couple ran all the way up to Laguna 69 so that they could finish the long hike at a short time. Later both of them were throwing up the entire night. So don’t hesitate to take baby steps while hiking. Let all the people pass you by, but trust me at the end of it you will be glad that you did.

First day at Cusco (Day 4) was again a relaxing day. We arrived at the hotel (Teirra Viva Cusco Saphi) at around noon. This hotel is very conveniently located at a walkable distance from Plaza De Aramas. Beautiful and clean rooms with a very helpful staff. We were welcomed with some Coca tea and the receptionist gave us a map and pointed out some nearby places to hangout and some good places to eat. Breakfast starts very early in the morning at 5am at the hotel and they provide very good wide variety of options. The early morning breakfast is definitely a plus if you have to catch an early morning train or a bus for site seeing as you can grab a bite or pack some too.

The Hotel – Tierra Viva Cusco Saphi

Plaza de Aramas

Plaza de Aramas 

Being a foodie, the first thing the both of us did was look for some delicious food :D. We actually did some research while planning our trip on good restaurants at Cusco. Finally zeroed down on Cicciolina. The food here was so delicious that we came in again after our trip to Machu Picchu. A must visit restaurant indeed.

The awesome food that we had at Cicciolina

There are a lot of places for site seeing in and around Cusco. The popular ones being Centro Historico de Cusco also known as Plaza de Armas, Sacsayhuaman (historical ruins), Inca trail, Sacred Valley, Tambomachay, Qorikancha and many more. The best part is once you reach Cusco you will find many private tours and travels operating at every nook and cranny. We opted for a half day tour the next day since we had Machhu Picchu planned the day after and hence had to skip few of the popular attractions.

Plaza de Aramas

For our half day site seeing we selected the Maras Moray tour. The first stop was a local village where the village folks demonstrated some amazing skills. Things like how they procure wool, how they clean them using all natural and organic soap, how the wool is colored using natural colors etc. It was indeed very informative and entertaining at the same time.

Second stop was Salinas de maras or Salt mines. Situated at an elevation of 3380 in Urumbamba valley outside of Cusco, Peru, is a network of around 300 salt pans/pools which are filled by a hypersaline underground spring water believed to be developed in the pre Inca times. Very unique and one of a kind. It is definitely a sight to behold.

Salinas de Maras

Salinas de Maras
Third and last stop Moray. Moray is the name of the Inca ruins situated west to the village of Maras. The ruins consists of terraced circular depressions. It is believed that these were used by the Inca to study the effects of different climatic conditions on crops. 

Our half day tour ended at around 2:30pm and later that evening we started preparing for our trip to Machu Picchu the next morning. The hotel staff were kind enough to hold our luggage until our return. So that was definitely a plus, no hassle of carrying all the luggage with us. 
Once back from Machu Picchu, we decided to visit the local market and then do some shopping at the Plaza. I personally enjoyed the vibrant and colorful market a lot. Highly recommend it. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and overall we both had a really wonderful experience in Huaraz and Cusco. 

 Hope you enjoyed this post. Check out Marvelous Peru – Part 2 Machu Picchu here. 🙂 

Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks a ton to all my followers for all the lovely comments and encouragement. 


Welcome to Paradise….Kauai (The Garden Island), Hawaii

WELCOME TO PARADISE….Yes….that is what precisely our welcome letter at our rented condo read….and…it indeed was. Breathtakingly beautiful, Kauai island is a nature lover’s, traveler’s and a photographers dream.

I am not very good with words so i will try to put our Kauai travel tales as best as i can and will also try to keep it as brief as possible 🙂

So how do and where do i start? It is hard to explain our experience of Kauai in words. All the adjectives in the dictionary wont suffice to describe this nature’s beauty. But yes one thing i can say for sure it was a “DREAM COME TRUE” for both of us.

We had been planning this vacation for a really long time (an year to be exact). Truly speaking, i would not take any credit for the planning of this trip at all. All credit goes to my fabulous hubby, who put all his energy and time in researching from the right place to stay to the right things to do.

If you are going to a place like Hawaii, it becomes imperative that you have researched thoroughly and selected the right island to make your vacation not “just any other vacation” but an experience of a lifetime.

If you are among those people who like shopping and nightlife during your vacation…i am sorry Kauai is definitely not the island for you. The other islands are more commercialized, as compared to Kauai. But if you are looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of city, to relax or  to simply drown in the beauty of nature or if you are anything like me and my hubby (read adventurous) then i suggest you have a look at what we did in our one week stay at Kauai which is also known as the “THE GARDEN ISLAND”.

So without any further ado i am happy to share some of the fabulous images, our planned itinerary and things to do. We went during summer which considered to be the best season to visit this stunning island.

Where we stayed?

We stayed at a rented condo at Pali Ke Kua which is situated in the north shore of Kauai. A bit far off from the airport and other markets but trust me on this, it will be totally worth it. Pali Ke Kau is located at Princeville resort which offers vacation rentals with one or two bedrooms. All the condos comes with fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, cable and internet. With its close proximity to the beach, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, hiking and golfing, this place is definitely worth every penny. There is also a common sunset lookout point where as per Hawaiian tradition, people gather in the evening bring food, eat and watch the sun go down together.

You can either opt for all of the above fun activities or simply relax and unwind in the Lanai (porch) and watch the stunning ocean, spectacular sunsets and beautiful rainbows in the comfort of your condo.

We stayed in Condo #205. A perfect vacation condo, beautifully furnished, well stocked kitchen, ample beach towels for use, with beach chairs and umbrella also provided to the renters. The beautiful Lanai overlooking the ocean was the icing on the cake. The lovely kitchen also comes with many cook books. So cook away delicious meals during your stay and have lunch or dinner at the dining table or the lanai whilst watching the never ending blue and amazing pacific ocean.

Welcome gift basket containing chocolates, cookies, coffee and tea waiting for us in the condo….
that was really sweet of Mary (owner of the condo)
Yummy hawaiian chocolates from the welcome gift basket
The beautiful Condo
Breathtaking view from the Lanai of the condo 🙂

Important Note: Plan ahead and make all the required bookings, hotel/condos and all other activities that you are planning to do in advance (at least 2 months prior). Also you will need a vehicle to go around. Make sure a vehicle of your choice is booked well in advance.  

What we packed? 
Pack light. Make sure you pack your clothes according to the activities that you have planned. The north shore of Kauai is the wettest spot and hence it rains more frequently on this part of the island. The rains are very brief and the sun comes out soon enough. In our one week stay at Kauai, it rained almost everyday but not for the entire duration of the day. It does get warm and sunny in the afternoons. But be prepared for frequent showers. 
To Pack:

Rainy ponchos/jackets

3- 4 pairs of swimwear or maybe more 😉
Beach Sandals 
Running or Hiking Shoes
T shirts and shorts (including those that can get muddy)
1 -2 summer dresses 
Back packs (if you plan on hiking)
Camera including one Waterproof Camera
What we did?
Day 1: We didn’t do much on day 1 as we were pretty tired after a long flight. North shore of Kauai is approximately 45 mins from the Lihuea airport. There are bus services that drop you to the car rental from the Lihuea airport. The drive is very very scenic and beautiful. We reached Pali ke Kau in the afternoon, freshened up and headed for the private beach. To our surprise we happened to spot a big turtle snoozing away :). The private beach is also a good spot for snorkeling. Hubby did some snorkeling and i enjoyed watching.

Crabs running to hide under the rocks 🙂

Spotted this big fellow snoozing away.. seemingly uninterested with us clicking pictures 😛

Hubby spotted colorful fishes while snorkeling 
And some more…
The private beach clicked from our condo…. Can u spot the turtle? 😛

After a relaxing time at the private beach, we did some grocery shopping(fruits, bread and eggs :P) at the nearby Princeville market.

Day 2: Day 2 was also a day of relaxing. We had no plans whatsoever and were glad we did not as it rained in the morning. Afternoon we headed to Hideaway Beach which was just a few mins walk from our condo. This is a nice small beach, quietly hidden away. This is also a good spot for snorkeling. I wouldn’t personally recommend it because its a bit difficult to get there. The path towards the beach is very very steep. Go ahead if you are comfortable with climbing up and down on a very steep pathway.

Day 3: Hiking 

So all our action and adventure started from day 3. An early morning hike with Eric (of Hike Kauai with me) was the perfect way of exploring the beauty of the island on foot. Eric, personally guides you through the hiking terrain and shared his experience of the island with some of the history of Kauai. We were lucky enough to have a perfect climate for the hike. The hike was fun and Eric made sure to stop us at points with beautiful views of the island. If you are interested in hiking, i would highly recommend Eric. He knows all the possible hiking locations in Kauai and suggests hiking trails as per your experience.

This is the amazing view that you get to see on the hiking trail
All the tiredness from climbing just vanished with the sight of this beautiful mountains and the waterfalls 

We spotted many of these little fellows hopping and jumping around

After an absolutely refreshing morning hike and a quick breakfast, we headed to Anini Beach and later in the evening to Tunnels beach.

Anini beach- This beach has the longest and widest fringing reef in the hawaiian islands which makes it perfect for
activities like snorkeling and paddle boarding. Its also a good spot for camping, picnic and relaxing. I found this beach perfect for families with small children 🙂
Tunnels Beach – A nice beach but we noticed that the currents were really strong (maybe coz we went there in the evening) . I cannot comment anything on snorkeling or diving here. But an evening stroll at the beach wont hurt for sure 🙂

Day 4: Waimea Canyon & Napali Experience

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon also know as the Grand Canyon of Hawaii is a must see. You can easily drive and stop at all the look out points and spend as much time as you can. Since we had other plans for the afternoon we couldn’t spend much time here. Yet we managed to cover all the points :). Lush green and full of color this place will mesmerize you and will open up a whole new world of beauty.
Don’t believe me? Have a look at it yourself…

Different shades of greens and browns 

Na Pali Coast seen from the Kalalau lookout point….love how the blue ocean water sparkles like diamonds from up above
Mesmerizing view from the Kalalau lookout point….but wait until you see it upfront from a boat (pics below)

Napali Experience (Boat Tour)

If you want to experience Na Pali which is know as the most breathtakingly beautiful, stunning and spectacular attractions in the whole wide world, Na Pali Experience boat tours are the best of the best. However to thoroughly enjoy every moment of it I would suggest you book the mid size catamaran (for 6 people) unlike the large ones that will have at least 50 people on board.

I must emphasize that this was one of our most unforgettable experience ever.

Na Pali coast is situated in the north west part of the island and is accessible only by boat or a helicopter. Once on the boat you will get to see the most beautiful mountain cliffs ever. The erosions on the mountains that happened over a millions of years ago (which still is an ongoing phenomenon) has created a cliffs and valleys unlike anywhere in the world. In the 5 hour boat ride you will be taken inside caves (which is not possible if you book a large catamaran), taken to the best spot for snorkeling and if you are lucky enough you may also spot dolphins during the tour (unfortunately we didn’t spot any). They also provide really good snorkeling equipments and also refreshments during the tour. Do not carry too much stuff, wear swimwear under your clothes, take it off and leave it in your car because you are going to get wet. Carry towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, waterproof camera and wear flip flops.

Beautiful rainbow admits the stunning mountains
Simply stunning 

Inside one of the caves
Spotted turtles at the snorkeling spot
Hubby captured some amazing pictures underwater while snorkeling 
Beautiful fishes everywhere
Here fish fishy fishy….

Day 5:  Sky Diving & Kilauea Light house

Sky Diving

Totally optional!!!!. You can go ahead with it only if you are as crazy as us :P. And if you do want to, just go the website of Skydive Kauai. These people are really good and thorough professionals, with tandem instructors having an experience of more than 5,000- 10,000 jumps. Of course you have to do it at your own risk so i am not recommending it but if you are some one who wants to sky dive then Kauai would be the place to do it.

Ok so we were completely out of our minds to Sky Dive, at least i was. Hubby had already decided that he wanted to do it come what may, I on the other hand was trying to convince him not to. And what happened eventually, i ended up taking a giant leap of faith. Don’t ask me what made me do it because i still wonder even today how the hell on earth i gathered the courage. All i can say is I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of it. It was scary at the beginning but boyyyyyy what an experience. I never thought Sky dive would be on my bucket list. Well it some how made its way and i am happy to cross off the most scariest one on my list 🙂

So after an unbelievably out of this world experience we had brunch at a small little restaurant and headed to our next destination – Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea Lighthouse

The beautiful Kilauea Lighthouse was build in the year 1913 and aids in the navigation of commercial ships to Hawaii. The Kilauea point is also home to a large number of nesting seabirds of the Hawaiian island. If you are a wildlife lover you are going to enjoy this as much as we did. We clicked pictures like crazy. But do save yourself some time to just stand back and enjoy the sight of the birds flying, catching fish and get lost in the beautiful sound of the waves hitting the rocks.

Both of us clicked a lot of photos of all the beautiful birds….sharing few pics here..
Ready to dive

Day 6:  Wings over Kauai & Princeville Botanical Garden

Wings Over Kauai

So we explored Kauai by land (hiking) and on the waters (beaches and an awesome boat ride). Last but not the least it was time to explore the garden island in all its glory by AIR.

Wings over Kauai is by far the best in business. We booked a Cessna tour. With only three of us on board including the pilot, our 65- 70min flight was memorable in every sense. So instead of going on and on about our experience i would rather share the beautiful pictures that we captured through the Cessna.

The Cessna 
Birdseye View of the Garden Island 

The mesmerizing Na Pali Coast 

That is the famous Jurassic Park Falls. 
Wailuea water falls 🙂

With Bruce our pilot….the hand gesture known as “Shaka” sign in Hawaii signifies Aloha spirit of friendship, understanding and compassion. 

Princeville Botanical Garden

After an awesome 2 hr air tour of the beautiful island, we headed to spend a relaxing time at the Botanical garden. Beautifully maintained, family owned and operated garden, this is recommended if you are interested in exotic plants, flowers, fruits and organic home grown cocoa. We also got a chance at gourmet chocolate tasting at the garden. Yummm. Saw many exotic flowers and plants. I was so busy soaking in all the beauty around me, that i didn’t bother to memorize or note down the names of the plants or flowers :P.

Beautiful little stream in the middle of the garden

All i know right now is this one is carnivorous plant

Gourmet Chocolate tasting time 😀

Day 7:  Jungle Valley Adventure and Hanalei Pier 

Day 7 started with Jungle Valley Adventure at Princeville Ranch Adventures. The tour includes hiking, kayaking and zip lining.  This adventure package is great for families with children as well. Had lots of fun zip lining and kayaking. Make sure to carry water bottles, mosquito repellants, wear clothes and shoes that can get wet and muddy, towels, sunscreen, hat, rain poncho and dry clothes for change. Also wear swimsuit underneath your clothes because you will need them once you reach the Uluhe Fern Ridge. All of the things mentioned earlier should be carried in a bag pack. They also provide rental hiking shoes if you don’t want your shoes to get all wet and muddy. The package also includes picnic (with make your own deli sandwich, chips and cookies). 

All set to go

The Ranch 

Uluhe Fern Ridge……dive, swim and enjoy 🙂
Afternoon we headed to Hanalei Pier for some fun and relaxing 

Day 8: Wailuea Falls 

Last day we had the entire morning and afternoon before we headed back home. So rather than lazing around at the condo we packed up and headed to Wailuea Falls. We also happened to check out the local Museum as well.

And that was the end to our dream vacation. With a heavy heart but with loads of beautiful memories we bid adieu to the beautiful garden island.

Leaving you guys with this beautiful picture clicked from our condo.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.