Photoessay on Day Trip to Mohonk Mountain House

The season of apples, cozy sweaters, warm drinks, pumpkin spice and beautiful colors……Fall is here. My favorite of all the four seasons.

In the year 2014 we had driven all the way to New Hampshire to see the stunning fall colors. You can check the post here. This year however we decided to give the long drive a skip and instead planned for a short relaxing day trip last weekend at Mohonk Mountain House to catch a glimpse of fall colors. This place was recommended by my husband’s colleagues and I am so glad they did. After a quick research online, we decided to book a BBQ lunch which also included access to the resort and evening tea and snacks. We were initially planning for brunch but those were all fully booked. So early bookings are highly recommended. I won’t be discussing much in detail about the resort as their website gives you all the information that is needed. Instead I would love to share few pictures of our little day trip.

The resort is a huge property and they have several things to offer some of which includes their very popular spa services, various recreational activities, hiking trails and many more.

The historic Mohonk Mountain House is located in New Paltz, NY on the shore of Lake Mohonk. It was around an hour and half drive from our home. We had booked lunch at around noon time and while booking we were advised to reach a little early to avoid the weekend traffic. And so we started from home a bit early and reached the resort about an hour and half before our lunch time. So with a good amount of time to spare before lunch, we decided to explore the resort.

As you park your car and make way to the main entrance, the sight of a huge Victorian style castle welcomes you. The historic old monument coupled with the beautiful lake and lush greenery surrounding you, was very refreshing indeed. This place is easily accessible yet it felt like we were in a remote location away from the crowd and city. And to top it all we got lucky since the weather was perfect and this made the overall experience very enjoyable.

Front View of Mohonk Mountain House

Exploring the beautiful property. The color of the leaves were close to its peak

There is something very peaceful about walking in nature. The silence, the light rustle of the leaves, the sweet smell of trees, the call of the birds and the fresh air, the best way to relax and detox your mind. Even though we were here only for a day, I think this place was a really good choice to unwind from the mundane routine of every week.

Perfect timing

I simply loved the area (called the Granary) where the tables for BBQ lunch was set. It was my favorite since the place was completely covered with fallen leaves, surrounded by trees with different colored leaves and with the view of the lake. Just as we were clicking pictures and playing with the leaves (trying to take a slow mo video of me throwing the leaves in the air hahaha 😛 … can check it out here), a horse carriage passed by making for a perfect picture.

Tables all set for Lunch

Our lunch included some pasta salad, some greens, roasted potatoes and burger

Post lunch it was time for some paddle boating. Best way to unwind since it is not as tiring as rowing :P. The paddle boating was $15 for half an hour which was more than enough to go around the lake.

Clicked from the boat

They also have a designated area near the boating for fish feeding.
Here fishy fishy fishy!!!!

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a relaxing weekend getaway. Did you like the post and pictures? Let me know in the comments below. Have great week ahead everyone.

I met the Coolest Pigeon on Earth :D

Hey guys…..

So yesterday I was accompanying my friend who is here for a vacation to NYC and she wanted to check out the very last attraction on her list, the Empire State Building. 
The weather was nice, a little windy though. My dear friend was happily clicking photographs and that is when I spotted something very interesting. A cute pigeon sitting on the other side of the fence of the observatory. I know that doesn’t sound interesting at all. What made it interesting was the fact that it was so close to the fence and to all the people clicking pictures. But this fellow just didn’t care even as everyone around was frantically clicking pictures and were too close for comfort. It was as if the pigeon was more than happy to pose for all the photographers. And to my surprise Mr. Pigeon was sitting at a perfect position. Can you spot the Freedom Tower in the background? Clicked this picture with my LG G3. 
Introducing the most coolest pigeon on Earth or should I say in NYC :P…..hahahahaha.
Happy Weekend Everyone:)

The Skies of Austin never seizes to amaze me

There is nothing as beautiful as nature and our mother earth.
I am sooooo thankful to technology (i bet all of you are), else all the beauty that we encounter in our day to day lives will only be captured in our memories. Untouched and unshared. That would have been really sad.

So i thought why not share the beauty of Austin through my eyes. 
In this post i will be sharing the beauty of the sky in Austin, Texas clicked from my Samsung Galaxy S3 (some of them were edited on instagram). 
Hope You enjoy.

Amazing sky during sunset…….clicked from the parking area of the gym

Double Rainbow…….i just left what i was eating and ran outside to click this
This beautiful sunset was clicked….(if i am not mistaken) from the parking area of Walmart

My Favorite……this was clicked from our balcony…..